Search Engine Optimisation ('SEO')

If your website doesn't appear at or near the top of the results in the major search engines (e.g. Google, Bing and Yahoo!) when you search on words that relate to your organisation or industry, then your prospective customers are finding your competitor's websites first.

While you can pay for advertisements in the search engine results, such as through Google Adwords, research shows that organic search results (that's the free search results) are 70-80 percent more likely to generate a click through to your website than pay per click advertisements.

Search Engine Optimisation is just one part of your Website Marketing Strategy, but an important part.  It involves a range of activities including:

  • choosing the right keywords / search terms for your industry, based on popular use by your target audience, relevance to your content and competitor activity
  • technical optimisation of your website - putting your keywords into the appropriate areas both "behind the page" and within your content, and making the most of technology such as blogs, social media, site maps and more
  • growing quality inbound links to your website, 
  • ensuring that the code that makes up your website conforms to web standards,
  • measuring and analysing results in order to improve performance

So, why would you trust our SEO service?

That's a very good question! Being in the website development industry, we see countless spam emails that are sent to us and our clients promising to make your website ranked #1 or very highly in the search engines. We also see pre-existing websites of our new clients that were purportedly optimised (and the website owner paid good money for it) but in fact their website is not optimised for the search engines at all.

We have been working on the search engine optimisation of our client's websites for more than 14 years. We have seen methods of optimisation come and go; starting with the now considered 'black hat' techniques of keyword stuffing and the like, moving through the heavy use of doorway pages and re-directions, and then the impact of blogging and social networking to the point where we now are; where your rank is a result of a congruence of many factors including the proper optimisation of your site for the search engines and is impacted by the potential personalisation of Google results on each person's computer. SEO is an ongoing activity that needs to change in response to changes in search engine algorithms, your competitor activities, your business focus, and changes in the use of websites and technology supporting them.

We don't provide guarantees for ranks, because their are too many factors beyond our control - the search engines, and your competitors for example - however we will work with you every step of the way and keep you fully informed in relation to all our activities.  We will also help you to factor in optimisation when updating your content and maximising links from other websites.

Below is just a small selection of Google ranks that we have achieved for our own websites as well as our clients: 
NB: ranks change all the time; these ranks are as at 24.04.2017

Website Search Term Rank  Total # Results
(competition) theology online 2 181,000 pilot insurance 2 41,800 bible college online 3 907,000 unique jewellery melbourne 2  824,000 antique jewellery melbourne 1 82,800 pearl jewellery melbourne 1 81,000 competency modelling 1 105,000 leader onboarding 1 117,000 learning agility 1 123,000 gym st kilda road 1 204,000 emergency air conditioning repair 2 347,000 family wealth advisory 3 61,200 gourmet spices 3 191,000 auditors melbourne 4 305,000 bulk email service 2 5,450,000 custom technology solutions 1 688,000


What do our client's say?

"We are now on the first page of Google!  Now we have to make some sales! Thank you, I appreciate your help and advice very much."  March 2017, Bronwyn - The Fair Trader

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion about how we can assist your website to rank highly in the search engines.

Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate some of our more recent work in this area:

RDL Accountants Responsive Website design and Search Engine Optimisation

Contact Point designed and developed the RDL Accountants mobile responsive website featuring a blog. Our ongoing search engine optimisation activities have been instrumental in delivering new clients to the organisation.

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Foleys List Website and Mobile Apps

Foley's List website, designed and implemented by Contact Point. Search engine optimisation delivered by Contact Point enabled Foley's List website to appear highly amongst / above competitors.

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The Natural Source eCommerce Website and Email Marketing

The Natural Source sells Australian Naturopathic beauty products through an Ecommerce website utilising the Contact Point Shopping Cart System.

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Note Couture Ecommerce Website Design and Development, Email Marketing

Highly customised Ecommerce website, supported by the eNudge email marketing solution.

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Master Locksmiths membership site and search engine optimisation

The Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia provides a wide range of services to members, including providing a website for general public use to find members of the association. Contact Point built the custom website and member management tool, and

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Keynote Entertainment Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Feature rich website, designed and developed by Contact Point showcasing a broad range of speakers and entertainers available through the Keynote Entertainment personalised service.

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Hamilton Wealth Management Responsive Website and SEO

Contact Point have been delighted to support Hamilton Wealth Management with SEO and more recently the implementation of a mobile responsive website for their custom design.

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BE Media Production Ecommerce and Membership Website

The BE Media Production website incorporates video within the home page, helping to showcase their great services. The mobile responsive website makes it easy for subscribers to access the BE audio program.

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TechSafe Australia Website Design Refresh

Contact Point recently refreshed the design of the TechSafe Australia website to support a greater focus on the key groups of target audiences, and simultaneously make it easier to find particular services.

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Henry Langdon Mobile Reponsive Website

Showcasing the beautiful range of Henry Langdon products, with a great experience for any size screen and device.

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Nortan Mobile Responsive Website

The new Nortan mobile responsive website, helps visitors quickly and easily request a service booking, repair or quote for heating or cooling services.

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Propac Industrial Mobile Responsive Website Design and Build

Branding refresh, mobile responsive website design and development, search engine optimisation.

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Tax CPD Website

Promoting the Tax Essentials podcast service. Mobile responsive, simple and inspiring interaction of the visitor to trial the service for free.

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Fit441 Mobile Responsive Website Design and Development

Fit441 - a newly branded gym on St.Kilda Road, engaged Contact Point to design and develop a new website prominently positioning their focus on small group personal training, and encourages the visitor to schedule a visit.

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