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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cross platform and native apps?
Cross platform apps are primarily developed in HTML, CSS and Javascript (the programming languages used to build websites) and then compiled into the native code required by Apple and Android apps. We say 'primarily' because some functionality still needs to be built in the core native language in order for it to work properly. Native apps are built directly in Swift or Objective C for Apple, and Java for Android apps. Generally speaking native built apps:
  • will perform better than cross platform
  • provide a more standard look and feel for the particular platform, and
  • provide better reliability for functionality that requires deep interaction with device hardware.
However, it is important to assess each app on a case by case basis, as building once for both platforms is more cost effective. Newer programming languages such as ReactNative are providing additional opportunities to reduce the cost of development and maintenance.
How does an app arrive in the app stores?
Apps are published to the app stores via developer accounts within each of the app platforms. The apps are compiled programs built for the different platforms (Android and Apple) and therefore must be published to both platforms. Android and Apple review the apps prior to publishing. The review usually takes anywhere from a few hours (Android) to a few days / weeks (Apple).
Can an app work on my iWatch or Samsung Gear without my phone nearby?
Your iWatch or Samsung Gear can be set to connect to mobile networks for GPS information, or to use WiFi for data. If it is setup for such connectivity, and if a connection is available, then an app can be built to function without your phone nearby.
How can I create my own Developer Accounts?
If you would like your app hosted through your own developer account, rather than the Contactpoint developer account, you need to go through the following steps for Google Play Store:
  1. Sign up for a Google Play Developer account.
  2. Accept the Developer Distribution Agreement.
  3. Pay the registration fee.
  4. Complete your account details.
For more information visit this page.
For iTunes:
  1. Go to: and press "Start Your Enrollment".
  2. "Sign in" if you already have an Apple ID or press "Create Apple ID" if you don�t.
  3. After signing in, scroll down and click on the "Developer Program" button.
  4. Select the appropriate entity type from the drop down list and click "Continue".
  5. Complete the contact information, check the terms and conditions, and click "Continue".
  6. Confirm the submitted information and pay for your developer account fee via the purchase step.
How long does it take a new app to appear in the app stores?
As at the time of writing, the App Review process is taking between 2 - 5 days for iTunes, and between 2 - 4 hours for Google Play Store.
How can I test a new app while it is being built?
We recommend the use of Test Flight to test Apple apps, and will send you a link to test a beta version of your Android app.
Test Flight is an app you need to install by downloading from iTunes.
Both of these methods restrict the access of the apps to only users who have been invited to test your app, and allow testing on real devices prior to launching.
an iOS Universal App which displays weights of product in trailers collected in a Voyager Scales enabled trailer.

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