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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the act of improving your websites ranking in Google search results which are relevant to your products/services and location.
Your website is most likely your number one source of leads. And if it isn't, you are probably trying to figure out how to make it generate leads for you!
At Contactpoint we have some of the most experienced SEO consultants in Melbourne who have worked across all industries ranging from professional services, bricks-and-mortar stores, e-commerce stores, entertainment, and trades.

14 Years' Experience

We have provided search engine optimisation for enterprise, franchise and small business websites for more than 14 years, and our founders' work in SEO began in 1997.

No Outsourcing

To maintain standards in quality and privacy, we don't outsource SEO work. Our SEO Consultants are Melbourne-based, at our St Kilda Road office.

No Contracts

All work is performed month-by-month - we don't need contracts to retain long-lasting client relationships.

Contactpoint SEO Consultancy Service

All businesses face different challenges on the road to improving their search engine rankings. You may operate in a highly saturated industry. You may have a wide range of products or services which all require optimisation for search engines. You may be trying to reach a niche so well defined that you need assistance in reaching your target audience.
For these reasons, we start by performing a competitor and search term analysis. This research forms the outline of what will be performed on your website to achieve high search engine rankings and increase website traffic.
We work with clients on an ongoing basis to implement the strategy outlined in the competitor and search term analysis and implement any changes which may arise from changes in your products/services, business goals, competitor activity or Google algorithm updates.
While gaining the number one position in Google search results is the ultimate goal, some products and services are not commonly searched for. We will provide you with a realistic expectation on how much traffic to expect from search engines and if your digital marketing strategy should include additional channels such as social media.

SEO Tactics

Our SEO consultants will provide improvements and recommendations in the following areas:
Technical SEO - An SEO Audit will identify any technical issues which are hindering your website from ranking well in Google. Slow load speed, duplicate content, hidden content, broken links, poor presentation particularly on mobile devices, broken or outdated plugins, and code which falls short of web standards are just some examples of the technical issues which can impact your search engine ranks. Our in-house development team can help rectify these issues.
SEO Content - Google places a high emphasis on providing quality content on your home and product/service pages which helps visitors solve their queries. We can write content for you or work with you to edit existing content, which satisfies your clients as well as Google.
Link Building - When you hire an employee, you probably look more favourably towards candidates who provide highly reputable references. Google looks at your website in the same way! We help you to establish 'backlinks' (links from other websites which point to yours). These must be from websites which are credible and relevant to your industry.
Local Search - 46% of Google searches have local intent (they either include a city/suburb name or 'near me'). Clients find it worthwhile to achieve high local search rankings as these visitors know what they want and are more ready to purchase. A local search engine optimisation strategy also enables you to gain website traffic and leads across multiple sites.
The keynote speaking industry is a very competitive business, and every advantage over the competition is crucial. Contactpoint are our secret weapon, and have always delivered what they promise in terms of SEO performance. We could not be happier with their results and Heather and the Team are always there when you need them. I can't recommend Contactpoint highly enough for their SEO services. Added bonus: Contactpoint will not do SEO for my competitors.
Justin McNeany
Keynote Entertainment

Transparent & Insightful Reporting

You will receive monthly reporting which outlines all SEO tasks performed for the month, planned SEO tasks for the following month as well as updates on website traffic and search engine rankings. We are located on St Kilda Road, Melbourne, and are easily available to discuss the progress of your SEO and your business goals at any time.
To ensure our SEO strategy is achieving your goals, we implement conversion tracking for key visitor outcomes (such as completing a purchase or booking) are achieved. This answers the who, what, when, where and how questions, shaping further SEO improvements.

So, why would you trust our SEO service?

We have seen methods of optimisation come and go; including the now considered 'black hat' techniques of keyword stuffing, doorway pages, private blog networks, and low-quality link building techniques.
We avoid high risk strategies and take a long term approach to SEO. This involves developing industry leading content, link building from reputable sources and ensuring your website delivers high levels of user engagement.
We don't provide guarantees for ranks, because there are too many factors beyond our control - the search engines, and your competitors for example -however we will work with you every step of the way and keep you fully informed in relation to all our activities. We will also help you to factor in optimisation when updating your content and maximising links from other websites.
You won't be locked in to any contracts or asked to pay for months of work up-front. However, most businesses don't jump to the coveted number one position overnight! Most clients see significant improvements in ranking after six months.
Want to read more about our SEO service? Check out our blog post: Should you Re-consider Search Engine Optimisation?

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