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Native Mobile Apps

Although programming languages and platforms are improving constantly, native apps are generally better performing, and more familiar / custom with regard to look and feel. A native app for iOS (Apple) or Android will be the right choice when:
Specific User Group
For an in-house app used by personnel on a known device, or where it is known that your particular audience is predominantly on one type of device, a native app will provide the best combination of performance, speed to develop, and cost to maintain or enhance.
Heavy Reliance on Hardware
Hardware on mobile devices such as the accelerometer, GPS receiver, and camera are more reliably accessed through the software development kits provided by the platforms. Apps for the iWatch and Samsung Gear are also great examples performing better with native apps.
User Experience
The standard User Interface components provided by the software development kits of each platform will provide a superior user interface, and one that behaves in the standard way a user of that device has come to expect.
Android Tablet Application utilised by hundreds of staff to carry out thousands of inspections per year across Australia, feeding data immediately into operational systems.

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