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Social Media Management Melbourne

In many industries, if you're not taking part in conversations on social media, you will be losing sales to those who are. Social media is where the conversations are happening and new products and services are being discovered. Gaining leads and sales through social media takes time and strategy; which can be daunting for business managers who don't understand it nor have to the time to invest. We provide social media management for Melbourne businesses, as well as businesses throughout Australia, including numerous national franchises.

Local & Approachable

We are not overseas, we are based in Melbourne and here to help you at all times.


We don't treat social media as a playground. Our strategy and management will protect your reputation.

Results Driven

Likes and clicks don't pay the bills, let's talk about leads and sales!

Social Media Strategy

Businesses that succeed at social media have a social media strategy and know where social fits into their overall marketing strategy. We can discuss with you the best strategy to achieve your goals, meet new clients and maintain relationships with existing clients. We'll discuss options such as:

Which social media platforms? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn. We'll help you spend your time and budget wisely.

Which content? Text posts, photos, graphics, products, or something completely unique.

What should the key messages be? In what tone should they be conveyed?

Location pages? Should there be a head office only page or additional pages when there are multiple locations/franchises? What content should be posted and who should manage it?

Timeline of events - we will create a plan to help you grow your business and avoid not knowing what to post.

Social Media Implementation

Setting up social media accounts with a professional appearance and insightful tracking is more difficult than it seems. It involves more than adding images and text to a social media account. There's no point sending traffic to your website if it's not designed to impress visitors, provide them with what they were hoping to find, and result in a purchase or lead form completion.

Tracking codes must also be implemented in your website, so you can determine how many leads are being delivered from social media.

  • Set up social media pages - provide suitable levels of accessibility to key stakeholders.
  • Implement branding - high quality images and banners which are mobile responsive.
  • Implement conversion tracking.
  • Bespoke Landing Pages - make sure that when social media visitors land on your website, they become your clients.

Social Media Management & Oversight

Yourself and your employees or franchisees may wish to have a hands-on role in your social media engagement, and in many cases that's an excellent strategy. You know your product/service and clients better than anyone. You may just require guidance to help you maintain a consistent and engaging presence.

Our Social Media Oversight services regularly include:

Guidelines and guidance for multi-location businesses - we educate, monitor and provide assistance to ensure all location social media pages maintain consistent tone, branding and engagement.

Crisis management - how to achieve positive outcomes from negative reviews.

Latest social media features - social media platforms are constantly evolving, we'll inform you of any new features which could help you to engage your target audience.

Reporting - monthly reporting with useful information, not a whole heaps of figures. We'll provide you with important data such as your cost-per-acquisition, explain where your social media is performing well and where your social media marketing could be improved.


Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a great way to gain brand awareness and leads from those who are not already following you and may not have been aware of your products/services. Most social media ads run on a pay-per-click model, therefore it's important to ensure these ads are reaching your target audience and that you're not wasting money attracting the wrong audience.

Likes and clicks alone won't do, our social media advertising is solely focused on conversions!

Read more about our PPC Management across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn social media channels.
We will discuss the results with you to ensure your ads keep in sync with your current business activities.


Social Media Content Creation

You may be time poor, or would simply prefer someone with a bit of experience to create your social media content. We create content to meet your goals, whether it's brand a wareness, engaging existing followers and clients or generating sales/leads.

We can help you to create:
  • Text
  • Custom graphics
  • Sourcing of imagery
  • Infographics
  • Video editing
Why Contactpoint?
We are not a fly-by-night agency seeking to cash-in on the social media bandwagon. And we are not an overseas company with little understanding of Australian audiences. We have existed for 14 years' and have helped a wide range of B2B and B2C client's to manage their online presence through professional social media management as well as other online channels, including SEO and Google Ads, and professional website design.
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