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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web Hosting?
A website is made up of a number of electronic files containing text, images and programming to present your pages and navigation. In order for people to see these on the world wide web, the files need to stored on a computer (server) attached to the internet. Such servers are called web servers. You need to pay for the space that you use on the server, and the services that are provided along with the space, to allow your website to be viewed. The whole package is generally referred to as "web hosting". What you get for this differs from web host to web host, but usually it includes:
  • access to an email gateway so that you can send and receive emails to and from your domain (e.g. me@mycompany.com.au)
  • a limited number of email accounts, say 10, for your use that you can name whatever you like (e.g. sales@mycompany.com.au, myname@mycompany.com.au etc.)
  • the space to store your web site files
  • access to different scripting languages that can be used by your website developer to make your website behave dynamically
  • ability to create one or more databases so that your website can store information received from visitors, or house product or other information for presenting to visitors dynamically
  • website traffic statistics that are updated daily, and give you online access to a variety of reports such as number of visitors, number of returning visitors, number of page hits, what terms where used in search engines to find your website, length of your visitors' stays, and much more
  • some standard programming scripts to help do things like convert the contents of submitted web form into an email to you
  • possibly access to SSL - secure socket layers - which encrypts specified pages while the information is travelling across the internet network. This is important for pages containing personal information, passwords, credit card numbers etc.
We recommend a number of different web hosting solutions, depending on your particular requirements and budget. All of these alternatives are organisations we have dealt with over a period of time so that we can ensure the robust operation of your website.
How can I register a domain name / website address?
A domain name is the website address people type into their browser address bar in order to visit your website. The domain name must be registered via an approved domain name authority. Domains with a .com.au suffix come with certain requirements that must be met e.g. you must have a business name or product name that is closely related to the domain name you are seeking to register. We will be pleased to assist you in the registration of your new domain name. Often it is more expedient to have your domain name registered through the same organisation as your web hosting provider. We can assist you to transfer your domain name, should that be required.
Should I register a .com or a .com.au domain name, or both?
There are many considerations that speak to this question including: do you wish to have a global presence or is it better for your organisation to feel more local / Australian? Is the .com domain name available? You may in fact be better off purchasing both domain names, in order to lock out another organisation from hijacking a similar domain name or competing with you.
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