Online Marketing

There are many ways that you can market your products & services online, including:

  • Website Content – this may seem obvious, but it isn’t always done well.  The way you present your products and services within your website will have a big impact on how many people take further action such as buying, enquiring, sharing.
  • Video Content – a specialised type of content, often served via You Tube in order to tap into this 2nd most popular search engine, providing a richer experience for the viewer.
  • Search Ads (often called pay-per-click because of the business model used by the companies who sell the ads) such as ads within the Google Search Engine results, matched to keywords for which you bid.  Includes Google Re-marketing (ads that seem to follow you).
  • Banner Ads – similar to search ads, but appearing regardless of search term within specific websites.
  • Blogging – written content that seeks comment and interaction by the reader and/or builds traffic from search engines.  May be published within your organisation's or a 3rd party website blogs.
  • Social Media Marketing – also called micro-blogging because the messages are generally very short, posting about your products and services through social media platforms, and interacting with other people’s social media topic groups and posts, can achieve great exposure.  Ads distributed within social media platforms provide a similar, but more targeted, opportunity to Search Ads.
  • Webinar – an online seminar, presented and attended over the web.  Webinars can be live, pre-recorded, or a combination.
  • Email Campaigns – often called EDMs.  Email campaigns may comprise a series of messages delivered over a period of time to educate, add value, build trust, and ultimately lead to an action.  Automated emails can be used during and after an event such as an online purchase, to provide greater customer service, upsell and improve engagement.
  • Surveys / Diagnostics – asking questions via an online survey which gives immediate feedback to the participant is a great way of educating and providing value, as well as taking the participant a little way along the path of engaging with and trusting you.

Whatever online marketing you utilise, it is vital that you do it well; presenting a consistently professional experience of your organisation, and generating the most benefit from your marketing efforts and budget.

We can assist you with the creation and execution of all types of online marketing, as well as ensuring that you achieve the greatest possible results from your marketing efforts via our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) service.

In order to ensure that your web content, blog, surveys and video content is actually getting found (i.e. not relying just on paid ads), we provide a very cost effective search engine optimisation service.

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