Enudge - email and SMS marketing solution

From the beginning, Contact Point has been focused on assisting our clients to use technology to communicate outwardly to their clients and customers. In 2006, when Enudge was born, email service providers and SMS solutions were very few and far between, particularly those dedicated to the Australian marketplace. We were very proud to launch Enudge in September 2006 including brand new technology that was now easily accessible to all Australian businesses, no matter how small or large. At the time there were also very few (if any) solutions that provided a combination of email and SMS in the one tool - that situation is largely unchanged today.

Enudge - email marketing and delivery solution

There are many limitations to using Outlook or other email clients to effect your email marketing. It is difficult to create a professional looking email that helps your subscribers take action, and you may breach the Spam Act legislation if you don't manage subscriptions properly. Sending to more than a couple of hundred contacts at once is near impossible, and what happens to your campaign after you press 'send'?

Enudge can help you overcome these issues, and provides the following benefits:

  • It's an Australian product tailored to the Australian market
  • Know who has opened, forwarded and clicked on which hyperlinks
  • Determine the social reach of your email message
  • Your emails are only ever branded with your organisation's name (not Enudge!)
  • Easy to create a professional email campaign design that complements your existing branding, and can be easily re-used for future messages - view example emails designed for use in Enudge
  • Create special occasion messages using any of our numerous Style templates

Enudge - SMS marketing and delivery solution

No one wants to sit with phone in hand, sending group SMS messages! Using Enudge to send your SMS (aka 'text') messages also provides the following benefits:

  • It's an Australian product using Australian carriers to deliver all SMS messages
  • It is unique in it's simple and Australian Spam Act friendly method for allowing your contacts to unsubscribe direct from the SMS
  • Your SMS messages can be personalised to an unlimited degree
  • You can receive free replies to your SMS messages - delivered directly into the campaign data as well as to an email inbox (optional)

Register for a Free Trial and receive 250 email credits / 10 SMS credits to use at your leisure while you are getting comfortable with the solution.


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