mResponse™ for mobile device friendly websites... no matter what the screen size!

mResponse applied to your website will ensure that your responsive website is a delight to use, no matter what size screen is employed by the end user's computer (a PC, Mac, smart phone, iPad, Mini Notepad...).

So why would you care about people with mobile devices accessing your website?  Browsing the internet via a mobile device is at an all time high, and increasing exponentially. Some statistics: in the US mobile data traffic increased by 260% from 2009 to 2010, and the sale of smart phones outsold the sale of PCs in Q4 2010 for the first time ever.  Here's one prediction of the future of the use of mobile technology.

The availability of the iPhone 3 with it's superbly easy to use interface, followed by iPhone 4, and later the proliferation of Android smart phones together with improving data plans from the major telecommunications companies has changed the way we think about browsing the internet.  You can find out when a movie is on, answer your question or solve an argument immediately, check what your friends are up to, and find the weather report, all in a matter of seconds without even thinking about booting up your PC or Mac.

Tablet computers changed the technology landscape even further, and have been described as so simple to use that they have broken down any age barrier to accessing the internet.

In short - you ignore mobile device users at your peril. 

Our unique mResponse™ methodology involves:
  1. Reviewing the various groups of people who access your website, and the requirements of each group. 
  2. Analysing the likely device/s used by each cohort.
  3. Determining what information should be available on each device/screen size.
  4. Visual design for each screen size, orientation, and unique page layout, working through the various challenges caused by elements such as large images, dynamic elements, and tabular information.
  5. Implementation - this is where our expert programmers work their magic to ensure that the correct layout is used across each device, and screen elements are added / removed / collapsed / re-sized / re-laid out, as appropriate.
  6. Testing.
  7. Launch.

To see examples of a mResponse website, please view this website in various screen sizes, or any of the following websites:

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Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate some of our more recent work in this area:

RDL Accountants Responsive Website design and Search Engine Optimisation

Contact Point designed and developed the RDL Accountants mobile responsive website featuring a blog. Our ongoing search engine optimisation activities have been instrumental in delivering new clients to the organisation.

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Vitae Partners mobile responsive website design and development

In 2014, Contact Point was engaged to re-design and re-build the Vitae Partners website in order to better represent the organisation in light of their growth. The website was designed and built responsively to provide a great experience on a wide range o

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Lewis Counsel Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile responsive website, designed and developed by Contact Point. An engaging hero element on the home page helps to communicate the unique aspects of the organisation to visitors.

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Field and Function Responsive Website Design and Development

Responsive website design, encouraging visitors to book into a fitness class, view the variety of fitness opportunities on offer, and showcasing the great fitness facility.

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CPP Asia Pacific Ecommerce Responsive Website Design and Development

Responsive Ecommerce website designed and developed by Our team incorporating a customised version of the Contact Point Shopping Cart System with support for customizations for multiple countries.

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Bruce Brammall Mobile Responsive Website design

Contact Point designed and developed the Bruce Brammall mobile responsive website featuring a prolific blog and useful calculators for visitors.

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Quality Learning Australia Mobile Responsive eCommerce Website

Contact Point designed and developed the mobile responsive Quality Learning Australia eCommerce website, launched in March 2015. The website incorporates the Contact Point Shopping Cart solution which has been tailored for QLA requirements.

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Mollard Property Group Website Design

Parallax, mobile responsive website, designed to present Mollards as the premium provider of social infrastructure solutions.

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Henry Langdon Mobile Reponsive Website

Showcasing the beautiful range of Henry Langdon products, with a great experience for any size screen and device.

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Nortan Mobile Responsive Website

The new Nortan mobile responsive website, helps visitors quickly and easily request a service booking, repair or quote for heating or cooling services.

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Print 2 Metal Website

Web application design and development, including allowing customers to upload and edit their images before ordering prints.

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Propac Industrial Mobile Responsive Website Design and Build

Branding refresh, mobile responsive website design and development, search engine optimisation.

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Fit441 Mobile Responsive Website Design and Development

Fit441 - a newly branded gym on St.Kilda Road, engaged Contact Point to design and develop a new website prominently positioning their focus on small group personal training, and encourages the visitor to schedule a visit.

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Walker Real Estate International Mobile Responsive Website Design and Development

Mobile responsive website for a real estate agency, utilising widgets.

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Rutherford Mobile Responsive Ecommerce Website Design and Development

Rutherford's beautiful antique and estate jewellery, pearls and silverware are now showcased in an updated mobile responsive website design.

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