Mobile Application Development - Apple, Android, Windows and Cross Platform

mobile apps design and development

Mobile Applications (or 'apps' for short) allow users of tablet computers or smart phones to use a program (app) built to run on their device to achieve a specific purpose.  Very often apps interact with web accessible information - for example, an online store like eBay - but sometimes they don't - for example the extremely popular Angry Birds game app.

Developing a successful mobile application comprises the following steps:

  1. Document Objectives and Project Plan, and decide upon appropriate platform/s
  2. Determine Functionality
  3. Screen and Icon Design 
  4. Build and Test the Application
  5. Submit to App Stores
  6. Launch
  7. Promote

From commencement through to submission to the App Stores will take at least 3 weeks, and review by the App Stores (depending on the destination platforms) can take a few days to several weeks.

We have assisted our clients through the above process on numerous mobile application development projects, and look forward to helping you to build a successful mobile app.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your mobile app concept - we will treat our conversation with you in complete confidence. 

Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate some of our more recent work in this area:

JHW Personality Compass - Mobile App

The JHW Personality Compass App allows users to engage, assess and better understand other individuals and their personalities. Contact Point designed and built App for Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

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Toll Android Tablet application

Contact Point designed and developed an Android tablet application for the Toll Group, which was rolled out across Australia in November 2011, feeding data into backend systems, and improving process efficiency.

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JHW Call Plan App

Universal, Cross Platform app delivered on Apple, Android and Windows devices, to allow delegates of the JHW Engagement Skills course to put their learnings in practice. The app can be purchased through iTunes, Google Play Store, and Windows App Store.

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Foleys List Mobile App Design and Development

Smart phone and tablet app, for Apple and Android, allowing users to search for barristers, request a barrister, and consume CPD information while mobile.

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Toll Move Plan App

The Toll Move Plan mobile smart phone app for Apple and Android, allows persons receiving the Toll Relocation Service to access information pertaining to their move quickly and easily.

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