Conversion Rate Optimisation making your website deliver!

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) refers to the fine tuning of your website, and each page of content, to ensure that you achieve the highest possible conversion, whether that’s increasing:

  • Sales – we will seek not only to optimise the rate of the initial sale, combined with upsell / cross sell, but also repeat sales
  • Enquiries – the more qualified the enquiry the better
  • Click-throughs – sometimes your aim won’t be an immediate sale or enquiry, instead you would like to educate your visitor to a particular level of interest first, so you want to ensure that they are inspired to click through and read more.
  • Survey submissions – it’s notoriously hard to get the right people to complete a survey. Re-configuring a survey as a diagnostic is one way to improve conversions, but there are other ways… A diagnostic has the added benefit of helping to educate and determine the requirements of your potential client as part of the process.
  • Newsletter subscriptions – because email marketing is still arguably the most cost effective electronic marketing tool around, building your email list is vitally important. Only a few people will complete a ‘subscribe to our mailing list’ form; we will help you make this more attractive.

If you have a great looking website, and a great product or service, but you’re just not getting the traction you believe you should – not enough enquiries, not enough sales, people aren’t clicking through – then our Conversion Rate Optimisation service is for you.

We hear stories all the time of websites with traffic, but next to zero enquiries.  We are also regularly confronted with online store owners who have a product niche and competitive offering, but not the sales numbers to match.

Through our conversion rate optimisation service we will:

  1. analyse your website and/or web page,
  2. analyse the traffic and user behaviour,
  3. recommend improvements and help implement those changes (or you / your current web developer can make the changes),
  4. define content options for testing visitor engagement,
  5. test the content options, using split testing or multivariate testing as appropriate, 
  6. and determine the optimal content for the highest conversion.


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