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Shebah - ride sharing platform

We love supporting Shebah when they need fast turnaround of an enhancement to their female-only ride-sharing platform. So, we are delighted to have been involved in new functionality just launched which provides the promised return to new shareholders in Shebah who participated in the recent crowd funding to support the platform. Shareholder riders for the next 6 months will receive a 5% discount off the standard (already very reasonable) fare, and provides shareholder drivers with an additional 5% proportion of the trip cost (the drivers already earn a very generous proportion of the ride cost). This is great news for shareholders, and a fitting thank you for participating in this great venture to help Shebah cement itself as a true competitor to Uber.
Contactpoint provides Shebah with outsourced (but as always, totally onshore) SaaS platform development services, to help supplement their internal team, on an as-required basis. Having travelled alongside Shebah since early in their history, we know the Shebah platform and work closely with the full team to assist with turning requirements into designs and specifications, and then building, testing and delivering for rapid deployment for passengers and drivers.
"So delighted with your build. Thanks for your incredible craftmanship and overall excellence." George McEncroe, Shebah founder, 2/7/2019.
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