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Why Rebrand (and the new Contact Point branding) - Contact Point News #2, 2017

Growing a very large email database in Australia - Contact Point News #1, 2017

Christmas message 2016 - Contact Point News #7, 2016

Design-centric development; the disruptive approach - Contact Point News #6, 2016

Consumer Decision Journey ... throw out the Sales Funnel model - Contact Point News #5, 2016

Technology Driven evolution is constant - Contact Point News #4, 2016

Customer Experience is all about the user interface - Contact Point News #3, 2016

Technology for the Sake of Growth - Contact Point News #2, 2016

Time for a Website Refresh? - Contact Point News #1, 2016

Christmas News edition - Contact Point News #9, 2015

Mobile responsiveness now applied to emails - Contact Point News #8, 2015

Gamification of your ecommerce website - Contact Point News #7, 2015

Launching Conversion Rate Optimisation - Contact Point News #6, 2015

Using APIs to expand your website reach - Contact Point News #5, 2015

12 hours to #1 position in Google! - Contact Point News #4, 2015

The new Contact Point Master Code - Contact Point News #3, 2015.

Using video to engage your audience & Google gives greater emphasis to mobile responsive websites - Contact Point News #2, 2015

eCommerce - the amazing opportunity to improve customer service - Contact Point News #1, 2015

Contact Point News #8, 2014 - Christmas Edition

Contact Point News #7, 2014 - Harnessing the technology of GPS / Location Services

Contact Point News #6, 2014 - Google Tag Manager driving deeper website analysis

Contact Point News #5, 2014 - Mobile browsing impacts on website design.

Contact Point News #4, 2014 - Mobile apps across all platforms?, new client website: Wallaby Foods, and new business branding for Enterprise Excellence Australia.

Contact Point News #3, 2014 - making an app out of your mobile responsive website, a beginner's guide to inbound links by Trevor Robinson, two new client websites: Business Essentials, and Graceworks Myanmar.

Contact Point News #2, 2014 - Mark Solly joins with Contact Point, Client Spotlight: Lewis Counsel, Email Marketing client briefing.

Contact Point News #1, 2014 - Social is now normal Media, Parallax Design, and our latest client spotlight: AIFLAM

Throwing your App Launch Party - read Heather Maloney's top 6 tips for the successful launch of your mobile app. Women's Network Australia 12.12.2013

Contact Point News #7, 2013 - Your business on the big screen! How to best take advantage of large scale images, and recent SEO Backlash.

Glasses, watches... where else will mobile computing appear? - blog by Heather Maloney, on Women's Network Australia re: the future of the move of computing into mobile devices.  14.10.2013

Contact Point News #6, 2013 - 7 things you must know about mobile technology, Client Spotlight: RDL Accountants and CareerFace, farewell to Nia and New Staff member: Harry!

Contact Point News #5, 2013 - New eNudge Pay As You Go, Google has searching made even easier, Holiday photos: worthy of a website

Contact Point News #4, 2013 - automated Product Review requests from your shopping cart, mobile applications for business, and JHW smart phone app launched

Contact Point News #3, 2013 - Melbourne Storm Shop website hits the big screen - arguably the first Australian Reponsive eCommerce website, Contact Point at EcomMelbourne

Thinking of building an App - read my take on why the Angry Birds app has been such a huge success!  Women's Network Australia 17.04.2013

If you are a curious type, you'll be interested in: How does a touchscreen actually work? - an article written by Heather Maloney for Women's Network Australia.  13.03.2013

Contact Point News #2, 2013 - Hallelujah Junction website goes live

Thinking of publishing your magazine / book style content onto a mobile application?  You might like to read the article by Heather Maloney: Self Publishing onto Mobile tablets is at your fingertips. 13.02.2013

Contact Point News #1, 2013 - Client Spotlight: Toll Android Tablet rolled out nationally, Responsive Design Techniques - client breakfast briefing, Client Spotlight: new George Savvides website

Must have apps for your mobile salesforce - by Heather Maloney 16.01.2013

The Art of the Gesture: Your Mobile App - the different ways that users can interact with your mobile application, by Heather Maloney 17.09.2012

Contact Point News #7, 2012 - Contact Point client open day, Responsive Web Design, and new member of staff: Trevor Robinson.

Contact Point News #6, 2012 - mobile apps delivering business innovation, and new member of staff: Vincent Lai

Contact Point News #5, 2012 - Auction capability added to the Contact Point Shopping Cart for Melbourne Rebels Shop, Marketing Automation - buzzword or the real deal.

Contact Point News #4, 2012 - using online technologies to grow your business, and the new Contact Point Android app.

Contact Point News #3, 2012 - Capitalise on Facebook Business pages, getting started with Social Media for your business... it's never too late, and the new Contact Point content management system.

Contact Point News #2, 2012 - Using OpenID to allow people to sign into your website using their Google account, new staff member - Hubert Yap.

Contact Point News #1, 2012 - Contact Point Shopping Cart enhancements, eNudge Survey launch, and DIY SEO Toolkit updates.

Contact Point News #5, 2011 - Our first Facebook Shop, Recent changes to Google Rank, Warning to Travellers using their iPhone Whilst Overseas

Contact Point News #4, 2011 - Coles, Woolworths and Harvey Norman investing heavily in online stores, WordPress Blog look and feel, Twitter Hash Tags

Contact Point News #3, 2011 - QR codes, shopping cart -> Facebook integration, eNudge Action Responder

Contact Point News #2, 2011 - DIY SEO Kit, SEO friendly shopping cart URLs

Contact Point News #1, 2011 - one-time-use Promotion Codes

Contact Point News #10, 2010 - Christmas edition

Contact Point News #9, 2010 - Google Search changes -> Google Places becomes more important

Contact Point News #8, 2010 - Google Analytics

"Liking, Tweeting, Re-tweeting and more ..." - Heather Maloney. 28.09.2010.

"How to Use Webinars in Your Business" - Heather Maloney. 23.08.2010.

Contact Point News #7, 2010 - Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Contact Point News #6, 2010 - Webinars, CMS -> Website Navigation Management, Easier to use CAPTCHA

Contact Point News #5, 2010 - SEO Update -> Google Changes

Contact Point News #4, 2010 - Facebook Fan Pages

Contact Point News #1, 2010 - eMailhouse launch

Contact Point News #9, 2009 - Kiva -> solution to provide finance to micro-businesses

Contact Point News #8, 2009 - Simulator Technology, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Contact Point News #7, 2009 - Windows 7, Reason of using Email Service Provider

Contact Point News #6, 2009 - Client Secure Area -> Approve Visual Designs

Contact Point News #5, 2009 - Client Secure Area, CMS -> Add inner pages

Contact Point News #4, 2009 - Networking World

Contact Point News #3, 2009 - Real Conversation, CMS -> HTML editor

Contact Point News #2, 2009 - The 300 Million Dollar button (a single shopping cart adjustment with big benefit)

Contact Point News #1, 2009 - The Top 10 most important technologies for SMEs in 2009

"esubscribers Finders Keepers" - article by Heather Maloney, in Working Women Summer 2008/2009 edition

Digital Reproduction magazine launches new website for the indoor graphics sector December, 2008

Contact Point News #10, 2008 - Christmas Edition

Contact Point News #9, 2008 - Broadening the reach of your business through social internet tools

Contact Point News #8, 2008 - A New Search Engine, and a New Browser (from the Search Engine King)

Contact Point News #7, 2008 - Inside Affiliate Programs

Contact Point News #6, 2008 - Charities Embrace Online Fund Raising in place of charity dinners

Contact Point News #5, 2008 - The Perfect Link; maximising the effectiveness of web page links

Contact Point News #4, 2008 - Transferring .au domain names allowed as of June 1

Contact Point News #3, 2008 - Disenchanted with your Website Results?

Contact Point News #2, 2008 - Changing trust in search engines?

Contact Point News #1, 2008 - Google Pay Per Click Advertising: Getting Started

Contact Point News #12, 2007 - Christmas edition and year in review

Contact Point News #11, 2007 - How to add video content to your website - no video camera required!

Contact Point News #9, 2007 - Dynamic Visual Information to powerfully communicate your message

Contact Point News #8, 2007 - Social Hacking - are you vulnerable?

Contact Point News #7, 2007 - Website Health Check - is your website delivering?

Contact Point News #6, 2007 - 5 minute IT Health Check.  Trialling VoIP.

Contact Point News #5, 2007 - Email Newsletters are the Preferred Information Source for Small and Medium Businesses

Contact Point News #4, 2007 - The Visual 'Net

Contact Point News #3, 2007 - Web 2.0 and social networks

Visual Technology - is your business communicating visually? 30.03.2007

Contact Point News #2, 2007 - What Search Engines Value in 2007

Contact Point News #1, 2007 - Using Technology to Generate Word of Mouth

Database Cleansing: the what, why and how - Heather Maloney. 01.11.2006.

Let the Buyer Beware: email lists for sale! - Heather Maloney. 10.08.2006.

Contact Point News #6, 2006 - A clean bill of health for your database; the how, what and why of database cleansing

Contact Point News #5, 2006 - Launch of the eNudge Date Triggered emails

Contact Point News #4, 2006 - Competition Draws Traffic!  Should I buy an email list?

Responsible Email Marketing - Heather Maloney. 30.06.2006.

Contact Point News #3, 2006 - Don't Duplicate Data Manually!

"Start Collecting": and manage your business relationships more effectively. - Heather Maloney. 23.05.2006.

"What to Make of It": a guide to the analysis of you web log. - Heather Maloney. 30.04.2006.

"Would you believe... we submit to 700,000 search engines?" - Heather Maloney. 07.03.2006.

Contact Point News #2, 2006 - Preparing for electronic marketing campaigns

#1, 2006 - On The Road - Information at Your Fingertips

"Build it and they will come?" - Heather Maloney. 30.01.2006.

"Maximising your Internet Presence" - Heather Maloney. 01.08.2005.

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