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Online Strategy, Digital Design, Website Development, Mobile Responsive Websites, Custom Web Apps, Mobile App Development, SEO, CRO, Email & SMS Marketing...

Contact Point IT Services Pty Ltd specialises in providing technology solutions to help our clients grow.  This may be achieved through technology which engages with staff, customers, prospects or suppliers.  We focus on achieving measurable business benefits, in a cost effective manner.  

Our team of skilled individuals will provide solutions that add value to your business such as:

  • enabling and encouraging the sale of products and services via your ecommerce website,
  • creating mobile device friendly websites (mobile responsive), 
  • building mobile apps (either natively or cross platform - read about the differences) to enhance customer engagement and provide productivity improvements for in-field applications,
  • creating appealing digital designs to create or strengthen your brand and engage electronically with your target audience - we also take your brand offline into print,
  • creating, executing and measuring email marketing and sms communications through our eNudge® solution,
  • driving additional traffic to your website through a range of marketing strategies including social media, pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimisation (SEO),
  • improving the return on investment of your website via our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service,
  • connecting electronically (integrating) with other businesses and online services, often using and creating APIs,
  • automating and streamlining manual processes, &
  • designing and building custom software projects with you.

We bring many years of experience in all the facets of internet technologies, for both small and multi-national businesses across a wide ranges of industries. Please call us to discuss your business need on (03) 8525 2082.

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