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Why not achieve the highest possible return from your technology investment?

Website marketing, mobile device support, social media, online lead generation, email & SMS marketing, brand and product messages, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click campaigns, process automation, ecommerce, mobile apps, customer life-cycle, CRM integration — Contact Point can help you to bring it all together in your Web, Mobile & Online Strategy.

A successful website or mobile app is achieved through the intersection of 3 approaches: function, design and content.  Most website practitioners will approach the creation of a new website primarily from one viewpoint. Creatives or digital agencies give dominance to the look, feel, brand elements, and providing an up to date design. Marketers focus primarily on growing leads and sales, by delivering the right message, and thus focus on content.  Technology companies are understandably committed to implementing a robust, scalable, up to date technical solution to perform the functions which will enable the achievement of your company goals.

Each of these approaches is valid, but real success of your website or mobile app comes with the delivery of all three, aligned to your overall business goals, branding, and target audience.  That’s what we endeavour to do at Contact Point; giving weight to all 3 viewpoints, and partnering with you towards a better business.

form, function and content strategy - image courtesy of www.lynnecazaly.com.au

Our website strategy process seeks to understand the functions required to achieve your goals, together with the content strategy required to engage with your target audience. Your unique strategy will be informed by your organisation’s history, and your competitive landscape.
The execution of your website strategy is directed by your content strategy, and finessed by our expert creative design and technology specialists.

As a guide, we regularly include the following activities in our web & mobile strategy engagements:

  1. Business Overview & Objectives definition - we work with you to understand your business - key brand messages, particular groups of people you need to engage with and their demographics and characteristics ('personas'), your business achievements, goals and objectives.
  2. Research and Analysis - how well are you achieving your objectives?  We will be looking at what you are currently doing well, and identify where there is room for improvement, or where new opportunities exist.  We will also look at your competitors, and how they are utilising technology, which may influence your strategy.  
  3. Recommended Technologies - we will be seeking to address gaps in your results which can be filled by the astute use of technology. We will also make recommendations with regard to improvements in your use of existing technologies.  Our recommendations will include a suggested timeline, taking into consideration available resources and your other commitments, as well as a logical build up of tools and expertise.
  4. Implementation - if you require assistance to implement your new / reworked strategy we can certainly help, however, you're under no obligation.

Heather Maloney, the founder and Managing Director of Contact Point IT Services, will be the main driver of the Web, Mobile & Online strategy for your organisation.  Heather who has been working in amongst the Internet since 1994, has a Masters of IT, and is passionate about helping businesses to utilise technology better, in order to grow.

We will tailor our services for your organisation so that we can work within your budget as well as provide the most practical solution to match the extent of your current operations, number of stakeholders, and phase of your business (start up, growth phase, mature...).

What do our clients say?

"The [online strategy] service exceeded expectations significantly. (Which means, of course, that expectations just rose again! :-))"  - Michael King, Quality Learning Australia, June, 2014.

To discuss the creation & implementation of your Web & Mobile Strategy, please either call Heather Maloney on (03) 8525 2082 or complete the form below.  If you already know what you want in a website, please complete our website requirements questionnaire to request a quote. 

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