Jimmy Bui
Jimmy (Anh) Bui is a Full Stack Developer who relishes overcoming challenging technology problems and has been programming since 2012. Jimmy has a special passion for animation.
Jimmy has developed a wide variety of applications, including web applications and mobile apps, using Javascript languages and frameworks such as VueJS, jQuery, Ajax, Angular, ReactJS and ReactNative; PHP languages and PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Lumen; and C# languages and frameworks such as Unity engine, ASP.Net MVC and Umbraco.
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Qualifications & Awards / Certifications:
  • Bachelors Degree in Animation, Deakin, 2019
  • Bachelors Degree in Information Systems, Hoa Sen University, 2012

Recent Work

  • Development of a VueJS desktop application which designs protocols to drive a centrifuge in a medical lab, compiling with ElectronJS, and incorporating sophisticated HTML CSS animation.
  • Development of an iPad Pro application to process MIDI files and extract musical information, prior to displaying the notes on screen for user interaction, using VueJS and Cordova.