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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the act of improving your websites Google ranking for searches which are relevant to your products/services and location.

If you own or manage a small business, your website is most likely your number one source of leads. And if it isn’t, you’re probably trying to figure out how to make it generate leads for you!

For small businesses in Melbourne, SEO will determine whether potential clients find you, or your competitors first. This rings true across all industries ranging from bricks-and-mortar stores to e-commerce stores, tradespeople and professional services.

Why is SEO important for a Small Business?

Traditional formats of reaching customers are failing to get the message across. Television, radio, billboards, junk mail – these are expensive, annoying and often fail to reach the niche you wish to target.

Consumers are becoming savvier and more immune to the noise of marketing messages. We pay attention to what interests us and disregard the rest.

SEO allows small businesses to avoid this by reaching those who are actively searching for your products or services. SEO allows your business to reach it’s target audience in seconds!

81% of shoppers will research online before making large purchases (Retailing Today, 2014).

And what if your business provides a service? Accountants, doctors, repair technicians, educational institutions throughout Melbourne rely upon receiving exposure in Google search results and encouraging visitors to make online bookings.

Small businesses that achieve high rankings on the first page of Google results receive unprecedented exposure and brand awareness, but there additional benefits worth mentioning. Consumers place an enourmous level of trust in Google search results. Google’s constant algorithm updates result in the highest quality websites reaching the top positions, so those who rank highly are in a great position to convert visitors into clients.

Contactpoint Small Business SEO Service

small business SEO

All businesses face different challenges on the road to improving their search engine rankings. You may operate in a highly saturated industry. You may have a wide range of products or services which all require optimisation for search engines. You may be trying to reach a niche so well defined that you need assistance in reaching your target audience.

For these reasons, we start by performing a competitor and search term analysis. This research forms the outline of what will be performed on your website to achieve high search engine rankings and increase website traffic.

A key part of this analysis is selecting the right search terms to use throughout your website. We will review the key search terms your clients use to find your products and services. The most suitable search terms will have moderate to high average monthly searches and not be used by competitors which you couldn’t outrank after a few website improvements. These search terms are used by those who wish to purchase, not simply looking for information.

We will work with clients on an ongoing basis to implement the strategy outlined in the competitor and search term analysis and implement any changes which may arise from changes in your products/services, business goals or Google algorithm updates.  

SEO comprises of many tasks including but not limited to:

Implementation of Search Terms

We implement search terms throughout the key parts of your website which Google uses to determine your webpage’s context. URL’s, meta titles, headings, text and image descriptions.


The context, intent and depth of your content is critical in achieving high search engine rankings. Google places a high emphasis on providing quality content on your home and product/service pages to help visitors solve their queries.

We will help you to create rich, industry-leading content which satisfies your clients as well as Google.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a major part of many small businesses SEO strategy. Blog posts enable businesses to:

  • Increase website traffic and conversions by reaching additional clients
  • Be reactive to change, by being the first in your industry to provide information on new developments
  • Demonstrate expertise and gain trust
  • Increase engagement with existing clients
  • Have others link back to your website – sending positive signals to Google
  • Maintain your website with regular, up-to-date content – a key SEO requirement

We will work with you to identify opportunities, build a content strategy and create blog posts which deliver traffic and engagement.

Obtain Backlinks

When you hire an employee, you probably look more favourably towards those who provide references. Those with references from management in highly reputable companies will be viewed even more highly.

Google looks at your website in the same way! We help you to establish ‘backlinks’ - links from other websites which point to yours. These must be from websites which are highly credible and relevant to your industry.

Our strategy uses a quality over quantity approach. We won’t use free directories or any misleading tactics which risk damaging your reputation or ours.

Technical Improvements

Your website may have excellent SEO in many key areas. Relevant search terms, rich in content and backlinks from industry behemoths. However, you’re still failing to reach the first page of search results?

There could be a small technical issue which makes it difficult for Google to interpret your website or ruins the user experience.  Slow loading speed, duplicate content, hidden content, broken links, poor presentation on mobile devices, and code which falls short of web standards. We are experienced in identifying technical errors and unlike many SEO providers, we have an in-house developer team to rectify these issues.

Local Search

In a large city such as Melbourne, it’s likely that you have competitors in the same suburb, even the same street! Your potential clients most likely realise this and will turn to Google to determine who they’ll visit.

Local searches from mobile devices cause 50% to visit stores within one day (Google, 2014).

This requires not only your website but your Google Business Listing to be well optimised to receive this traffic.

Voice Search

Voice search in mobile phones and personal digital assistants is changing the way we use Google. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice (Comscore, 2016). These searches are conducted differently than traditional typed-searches, with longer, detailed and more conversational searches becoming the norm. Is your website ready for this?

Conversion Tracking

What’s the point of a top ranking website with thousands of visitors, if it’s not generating sales or leads? To ensure our SEO strategy is achieving your goals, we implement conversion tracking for when key visitor outcomes (such as completing a purchase or booking) are achieved. This answers the who, what, when, where and how questions, shaping further SEO improvements.

Monthly Reporting

You will receive monthly reporting which outlines all SEO tasks performed for the month, planned SEO tasks for the following month as well as updates on website traffic and search engine rankings. We are located on St Kilda Road, Melbourne, and are easily available to discuss the progress of your SEO and your business goals at any time.

You won’t be locked in to any contracts or asked to pay for months of work up-front. However, most businesses don’t jump to the coveted number one position overnight! Most clients see significant improvements in ranking after six months. 

So, why would you trust our SEO service?

small business SEO

That's a very good question! Being in the website development industry, we see countless spam emails that are sent to us and our clients promising to make your website ranked #1 or very highly in the search engines. We also see pre-existing websites of our new clients that were purportedly optimised (and the website owner paid good money for it) but in fact their website is not optimised for the search engines at all.

We have been working on the search engine optimisation of small business websites for more than 14 years. We have seen methods of optimisation come and go; starting with the now considered 'black hat' techniques of keyword stuffing and the like, moving through the heavy use of doorway pages and re-directions, and then the impact of blogging and social networking to the point where we now are; where your rank is a result of a congruence of many factors including the proper optimisation of your site for the search engines and is impacted by the potential personalisation of Google results on each person's computer.

SEO is an ongoing activity that needs to change in response to changes in search engine algorithms, your competitor activities, your business focus, and changes in the use of websites and technology supporting them.

We don't provide guarantees for ranks, because there are too many factors beyond our control - the search engines, and your competitors for example - however we will work with you every step of the way and keep you fully informed in relation to all our activities.  We will also help you to factor in optimisation when updating your content and maximising links from other websites.

Our team is located in Melbourne and does not outsource work to outside firms.

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion about how we can assist your website to rank highly in the search engines.

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