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The internet has become a crowded environment. Even those operating in highly niche areas may find themselves amongst numerous competitors. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, such as Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn PPC, has become the most targeted way for businesses to reach their specific audience and stand out.

To make things more difficult, search engines and social media platforms are continually changing their algorithms, demonstrating a preference towards paid ads and posts over unpaid content. Google are pushing organic search results further down the page as they enable more PPC ads and rich snippets to command the lucrative above-the-fold space at the top of your screen.  And in January 2018, Facebook announced they would prioritise posts from friends, family and groups over unpaid business posts.

PPC Marketing is ideal if… 

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  • You’re a new business or have undergone major rebranding and your website is yet to rank highly in organic search.
  • You require leads quickly e.g. you’re promoting a once-off event or a limited time offer.
  • You operate in a competitive space and have struggled to stand out from the crowd.
  • You’re seeking highly specific leads, e.g. from specific suburbs, age groups, interests, job titles, organisations etc.

Managing a PPC campaign can be difficult to conduct if you don’t have lots of experience in this space.  Further, without a solid plan a PPC campaign can fail in many ways. Remember, you pay each time someone clicks on your ad! A successful PPC marketing strategy doesn’t aim for a high number of clicks. It aims to only receive clicks from those who are likely and ready to purchase your products/services.

Creating highly targeted ads that entice readers to click is important, but that’s only the first step. Simply guiding visitors to a broad page such as your home page or product/service menu isn’t enough. Landing pages must provide specific solutions to search queries, be congruent with your ads, and guide visitors through an easy purchase/lead nurturing process.

AdWords or Social Media? Which PPC platform should I choose?

The main difference between advertising through AdWords and social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, is the circumstances in which your ads are found.

AdWords targets those who are specifically searching for your products or services. If you know there are people searching for and ready to purchase your products/services, this is a great way to ensure they find you. However if there’s not many people searching for your product/service, particularly if it’s something new, this may not be the best place to start.

Facebook and LinkedIn PPC operate a little differently. Users are simply scrolling through their feed looking at their friends and family member’s posts when the platform displays your ad. The advantage of social media is the incredibly specific audience targeting which can be implemented. You probably have in mind your ideal customer type – their age, where they live, their favourite television shows, what they read, what type of occupation they have. If you offer B2B products you may wish to target those who work in particular roles in particular organisations. Social media allows you to reach these specific people. This can be a great way for a new brand or product/service type to receive exposure at a lower cost-per-click.

Your business may even benefit from running ads on AdWords and social media. We conduct research into the feasibility of each option and will recommend the best options for your marketing objectives.

Our AdWords PPC Marketing Services include:

  • Identification of search terms with sufficient monthly search volumes, which are being used by those who wish to purchase your products/services.
  • Targeting of your chosen audience (location, age, device etc.)
  • Ensuring your ads won’t be displayed in searches where you won’t gain business. For example, a ‘home air conditioning repair’ ad could be displayed for a ‘car air conditioning repair’ search if not implemented correctly.
  • Writing your ads in such a way to entice clicks.
  • Creating unique landing pages which answer search queries and convert visitors into clients.
  • Implementing conversion tracking to provide useful information on purchases, form completions and other key events.
  • Applying best practices to reduce your cost-per-click and ensure ads are displayed above your competitors.
  • Providing monthly reports to keep you informed of the progress.  We will discuss the results with you to ensure your ads keep pace with your current business activities.

Our Facebook and LinkedIn PPC Marketing Services include:

  • Strategic and specific targeting (location, age, interests, job title, industry, income etc.)
  • Ensuring your ads won’t be displayed in social media accounts of those who are unlikely to purchase.
  • Creating ads with enticing imagery or video which stops social media users in their tracks.
  • Creating unique landing pages or content which is of value to visitors and leads to conversions.
  • Implementing conversion tracking to provide useful information on purchases, form completions and other key events.
  • Applying best practices to reduce your cost-per-click.
  • Monthly reports to keep you informed of the progress.  We will discuss the results with you to ensure your ads keep in sync with your current business activities.

Why trust Contactpoint for your PPC Marketing?

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Contactpoint provides PPC Marketing to meet the objectives of numerous B2B and B2C clients throughout Melbourne and across Australia. Product purchases, appointment bookings, lead generation for franchise sales are just some of the actions we help deliver to our clients through pay-per-click.

The success of your AdWords campaign can be influenced by many factors such as website design, user experience and page load speed. As a full service IT services company, Contactpoint brings to you the resources of a skilled team of marketers, designers and developers. With these extensive resources, we will ensure you not only reach the right audience, you gain their business as well!

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