Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications (or 'apps' for short) allow users of tablet computers or smart phones to use a program (app) built to run on their device to achieve a specific purpose. Very often apps interact with web accessible information - for example, an online store like eBay - but sometimes they don't - for example the extremely popular Angry Birds game app.

We build both native apps (targeted to specific devices such as an iPhone) as well a cross platform apps (Apple, Android, Windows and others), depending on the type of functionality to be provided and the user base.

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Contact Point has developed our unique mResponse methodology, which ensures that your website performs appropriately for any targeted mobile device - all via one website & one set of content so that you don't have to maintain two or more sites, and so that the search engines don't get confused - providing tailored interfaces that limit the need for the user to zoom or pan.

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Contact Point has been involved in the design and creation of numerous mobile apps for our clients, with objectives ranging from sales through online stores, resource distribution, and line of business apps taking in the field data back to operational systems.  In addition, we have been involved in the creation of numerous mobile repsonsive websites for our clients using mResponseTM.

So we can certainly help you to determine which is the best solution to achieve your objectives, and provide the best solution for your customers and clients.

Feel free to get in touch for an obligation free discussion regarding your unique requirements.