Logo Design

Designing the logo for your new business, or re-designing a logo that no longer reflects your organisation, is a creative challenge that requires skill in not only design, but also in interpretting how you would like to present your organisation visually, and how your target audience will respond.

Our logo design methodology involves:

  1. Completing a briefing process, whereby we ask you lots of questions about your objectives, target audience, likes and dislikes.
  2. Creating concepts that meet your objectives and preferences, and will resonate with your target audience, as well as working in a variety of sizes and formats.
  3. Revising your selected concept to refine and finalise the colour, font and icon that make up the logo, to meet your satisfaction.

Below are some examples of logos that we have created for our clients:



What do our client's say?

"...we have finished with a design that we are really happy with.  Thankyou for keeping an open mind with our design and what we were trying to achieve."
Sally Mansfield, Tax Bridge Pty Ltd, 02.02.2011

"I have been a client of Contact Point for three years, and have utilised many of their services. Apart from teaming with me to develop three excellent websites, they have also assisted me in the design of two of my business logos. What I love about working with Heather and her team is that they allow me to share with them my ideas and to be part of the creative process. With Karina Butera Consulting I had a fairly strong impression of what I wanted, they got straight inside my head and produced an professional and ideal image immediately – we only need a few small matters touched up (just a slight variation on the colouring) and my inner vision had become a jpeged reality! With the High Ideals logo it was a more complex matter – there was a whole management team behind me wanting to be part of the process, and we had a much larger and more diverse audience for that business, so we needed to insure that the image would appeal to all types and encapsulated the values that are so important to our business: integrity, positivity and impact. Regardless of the massive levels of input, through the team’s collaborative skills and Heather’s ability to listen and effectively interpret, we had the perfect version of the High Ideals logo after just two edits. Since then Heather has continued to offer great back up support, giving different coloured variations, splitting sections up, creating transparent images and ‘glowing’ images. What do I love most about working with Heather’s design team? They respect; they listen; they deliver, and deliver, and deliver! What more could one ask for in a supplier?"  Karina Butera (High Ideals, Karina Butera Consulting), 13.04.2010


We look forward to talking with you to discuss your logo requirements.