From content development and design through to content deployment and learning management system development, Contact Point IT Services will design and develop eLearning courses that are customized to your specific training and communication needs.

By taking advantage of eLearning, companies and organisations can receive the following benefits:

Cost effective
By removing travel costs and doing away with printed materials, eLearning helps companies and organisations save money whilst providing a rich learning experience.
eLearning gives trainees the freedom to learn at their own convenience, and at a pace that is right for them.
eLearning courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
When used with a Learning Management System (LMS), tracking and reporting a trainee's progress is made simple.
eLearning ensures that the message is communicated in a consistent manner. This results in all learners receiving the same training.

More and more companies are taking advantage of eLearning and moving their training online. Listed below are some practical applications of eLearning:

  • Employee Orientation - An eLearning course can be designed to get new employees up to speed with their new working environment and company policies.
  • Internal Training - An eLearning course can be designed to teach employees new skills with assessments at the end of a course to track employee development.
  • Sales Training - Teaching sales teams how to sell existing or new products to customers. Sales manuals can be updated instantly when a new product is launched.
  • Product Guides and FAQs - An eLearning course can be designed to demonstrate how to use a product and answer frequently asked questions.

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