Digital Maintenance Plans

If they ever existed, the days of building a website and then forgetting about it are certainly gone.  In order to get the most benefit from your business website, it must be regularly maintained for the following reasons:

  1. Regular content updates can influence search engines to rank your content more highly, as the search engines like to give searchers the most up to date and fresh content.
  2. Your business is likely to be evolving constantly, and therefore in order to accurately reflect your business, your website also needs to be regularly updated and expanded.
  3. Technology doesn't stand still:
    1. embracing new technologies can help you to provide greater value to your customers, and stand out from your competitors
    2. hackers, scammers and other criminal elements are constantly looking for ways to break into sites and extract information, thus requiring known issues to be patched, and alternate means of security to be implemented
  4. Trends and fashion change ... and there is certainly an element of style that can become outdated in websites, just like in clothes, branding and interior design.

Our digital maintenance plans described below aim to provide a range of options for you to ensure that the maintenance of your website is taken care of, at the appropriate level, and that you get the most out of your digital presence.

If none of the plans described below meet your particular requirements, we will be happy to tailor a plan to suit you, so please let us know exactly what you are after.


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