Custom Technology Solutions

Have an idea that you would like built for the web?  We've got the team to convert your idea to a reality!

Manually handling work that you just know could be done more efficiently?  Using Excel to manually capture and consolidate data from multiple users?  We know what you are experiencing and can help ease your pain!

Contact Point IT Services has architected and built many projects requiring the development of complex custom applications. We nearly always implement the required solutions using web technology as this provides our clients with the following benefits:

  • Rapid application development enabled by our ever growing code base of solutions combined with customisable solutions provided through open source communities.
  • Ease of maintenance and deployment as the applications are deployed on a web server and accessed by browser clients (rather than software that needs to be installed on the computer of each end user). This translates to quicker turn around of enhancements, costing our client's less.
  • Usability and enhanced user experience achieved through the use of continually improving user interface technologies created for the internet.

Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate some of our more recent work in this area:

VicTESOL website design and development

VicTESOL, a professional association, required a website to encourage membership and support online members. Contact Point designed and developed the new website in 2010 incorporating numerous unique requirements.

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Tennis Australia video screensaver

Annual Australian Open screensaver, created by Contact Point for deployment on both PC and Mac, counting down to the start of the Australian Open tennis tournament.

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Master Locksmiths membership site and search engine optimisation

The Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia provides a wide range of services to members, including providing a website for general public use to find members of the association. Contact Point built the custom website and member management tool, and

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JHW Style Quadrant Analysis Tool

360 degree feedback style web application, allowing employees to obtain feedback from their manager, colleagues and direct reports, in order to improve their working style.

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JHW Website incorporate Workshop Booking Management

Custom web application making it easy for individuals and groups to register for a range of workshops provided by JHW, and for JHW to administer those registrations.

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Specialised Textiles

The new Specialised Textiles Association website promotes their members and upcoming events, as well as delivering a large amount of content for members and potential customers of the industry.

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Melbourne City Mission Mobile Responsive Website

The Melbourne City Mission utilise the Detour Wheel web application to coach at-risk young people to focus on key areas of their life.

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