Responsive Paralax Website Design & Development

We have been working with Mollard Property Investment Consultants for over a decade, and were delighted to recently re-design and re-build their website, using a combination of parallax and mobile responsive techniques. These techniques are not usually mutually exclusive, because the main idea behind parallax is providing greater depth, and visual interest in the design, by using multiple visual layers that move independently of one another. That tends to get lost or in the way on smaller screen designs. Accordingly, the parallax functionality degrades nicely on mobile devices, where a simpler collection of the information is displayed.

All this is achieved without resorting to having 2 or more versions of the website, so the vast majority of the content is editable by Mollards using the Contact Point Content Management System, and only needs to be edited once per page.

The website includes numerous image sliders and a photo gallery, as well as the parallax design, and presents Mollards as the premium provider of social infrastructure - childcare centres, medical centres, student accommodation - in Australia today.

View a video demonstration of the new Mollard parallax and mobile responsive website, in action.

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