Enudge Application Design, Development, Support and Marketing

Application Design, Development, Support and Marketing

Contact Point designed and developed the Enudge email and SMS marketing platform, for the Australian marketplace, in 2006 and have since supported the application which is used by hundreds of Australian businesses, and some international businesses. 

Over that time, the technology landscape has changed dramatically and therefore the solution provided has also been enhanced and scaled accordingly.  Social media and the proliferation of mobile devices are just two the numerous changes that have impacted on the solution.

Designing, building and supporting an online solution has given Contact Point first hand experience of the many challenges faced when taking a software solution to market.

Today Enudge continues to be an important marketing tool for many businesses, making it easy and cost effective to execute a great performing email or SMS campaign.  The solution is also very attractive to government agencies due to the location of all data stored being retained within Australia.

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