Contact Point Philanthropy

We like to give back to the society in which we operate, and meet the needs of those less fortunate, as we are able.  Over the years we have contributed to many worthwhile causes.  Our current philanthropy is described below.

St.Kilda Gatehouse LogoSt. Kilda Gatehouse helps to bring stability into the lives of marginalised women in St.Kilda and other areas of Melbourne. Contactpoint is proud to support this work on an ongoing basis. You can support it also by donating or by purchasing from the Greeves Street Recycling Shop stocked by items handmade by the supported women, using recycled inputs.


In January 2007 Contact Point commenced sponsoring Alfred, a 7 year old child living in Ghana, through Compassion who ensure that every dollar of the money that we donate actually goes to the family and a small proportion to the direct community of the sponsored child. Compassion are dedicated to improving each child's education as well as improving his / her physical and spiritual health. We will continue to contribute to his day to day needs on a monthly basis until it is no longer required.