Newsletter Vol. 8, 2010

From time to time we discuss Google tools and how they can help your online efforts; in this edition of Contact Point News we take a look at Google Analytics, which will help you understand your website performance far better than most standard Web Traffic Reports.

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In this issue:

  1. Ramping up your Analysis of your website's performance
  2. Client Spot: Containers Direct
  3. New team member: Nathania Maryauw
  4. Contact Point Website re-launched

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Ramping up your Analysis of your Website's performance with Google Analytics

Google Analytics was born out of a tool previously know as Urchin and was provided free by Google starting November 2005 with the intention of helping businesses use performance data to improve their online marketing campaigns and websites.   The tool has undergone changes over the years, and is now a great source of easy to access information about your website traffic, allowing you to differentiate between visitors from Google Adwords compared to directly visiting your site or visiting after searching, thus helping you to determine the success or otherwise of your online marketing and search engine optimisation. 

There are many different ways you can look at your traffic data through Google Analytics.  The following are just three examples of useful analysis that you can do:

  1. In the Traffic Sources section you can see key statistics such as the number of visitors from various sources (selected Google Adwords campaigns, for example), how long on average those visitors stayed on your site, and how many different pages they visited. 
  2. In the Visitors section you can see New vs. Returning visitors, and then drill down to view the Landing Page (first page visitors accessed) that New Visitors arrived at over a specified date range.  You can also easily see who has visited your site using an iPhone or an iPad.
  3. In the Content section you can see for each page of your site how many times they were viewed over a specified date range.  A 'bounce rate' figure is shown throughout Google Analytics to indicate where a visitor only views a single page of your website during their visit.

To start using Google Analytics for your website, you need to have registered for an account with Google, sign into that account, from the Google Account Settings screen configure Google Analytics to track traffic to your particular website address, and then include a small piece of code in each page of your site.  For any existing Contact Point clients not currently using Google Analytics, we are happy to setup the account for you and add the tracking code to your website without charge, if you request this before the end of November.

For more information about Google Analytics:

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Client Spot: Containers Direct

Containers Direct has a unique product offering of robust, food grade containers that they can sell in small quantities for businesses such as growers and other small businesses.  Contact Point were recently engaged by Containers Direct to design product brochures and design and build a website to include the Contact Point Shopping Cart System.  We were delighted to implement a customisation to our shopping cart to allow Containers Direct to enter quantity-price breaks for each product, so that the more of a particular product you buy, the cheaper it gets.

You can visit the Containers Direct website here: and feel free to pass it onto anyone you know who needs small quantities of quality buckets and pails to carry their products, at a great price.

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New Team Member: Nathania Maryauw

I'm very pleased to introduce to you Nathania Maryauw, the latest addition to our growing team.  Nathania is just about to finish her Masters in IT at RMIT, and has been working with us over the past few months, providing additional expertise in the area of cross browser compatable website programming.  You may have already seen Nathania's name against tickets and project tasks in our Client Secure Area.

You can read further details about Nathania in the team page of our website.

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Contact Point Website Re-launched

Just like a plumber whose taps are always dripping, our website tends to get neglected while we work on our client's websites!  So, I am very pleased to announce the re-launch of the Contact Point website.  I think you will agree that it is now much easier for a visitor to quickly appreciate the range of services that we provide and access relevant content.  It is also easier to access our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presence.

We're still getting through the content changes that we need to make (much to Tess' dismay), but feel free to let us know what you think!

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