Note Couture

Ecommerce Website Design and Development, Email Marketing

Contact Point assisted Note Couture, who already had an Ecommerce website, to re-build the site in order to be able to move forward affordably with enhanced functionality, and to solve problems with their current site, particularly around the speed and ease of administration of their vast range of products and illustrations.

The Note Couture website received a highly customised version of the Contact Point Shopping Cart System, allowing visitors to build their own personalised stationery products, order and pay by a variety of means.

We have been delighted to help Note Couture with a variety of customisations to the website over the years, in order to continue to provide unique new products, such as the ability to choose a collection of uniquely named characters to place on cards and other stationery formats (think those 'family member' stickers on the back of cars, with the addition of people's names).

Note Couture also make great use of the eNudge email marketing solution in order to communicate on a regular basis with customers, keeping them informed of new products and illustrations via beautiful monthly emails.

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the new website you built for Note Couture. It looks brilliant (and has brought great kudos from my clients), its' functionality is superb, but best of all, the Administration area has simplified my life greatly. The uploading of new images on my previous website took hours, but this is now done in a matter of seconds on the new website - I'm ecstatic at the time saved.

Your professionalism, support, calm demeanour and explanation of each step during the process (in easy to understand language) was greatly appreciated.

Additionally I have found eNudge to be an easy to use vehicle for my monthly newsletters to customers; well done on creating such a great facility.

I look forward to our continuing relationship in the future." Julie Forbes, Note Couture

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